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A new law adopted by Indiana legislature will provide early dyslexia screening for all students kindergarten through second-grade with dyslexia.
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Stories from the COVID-19 Front

Everyone is impacted by the COVID -19 pandemic.

We'd like to hear how you are dealing with the crisis. Your stories about how your family/loved ones/friends are coping can help others during this crisis.

Please, send you stories to and we will publish them HERE .

We will not use your full name unless you wish it.


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During this extremely difficult situation with the coronavirus (COVID-19), nothing is more important to Jobs For Dyslexics than the health and safety of our clients, supporters & friends. JFD wants every one to adopt safe practices.

We urge you to practice social distancing whether or not you are sheltering in place.  And WASH YOUR HANDS OFTEN; EVERYTIME YOU TOUCH DOOR HANDLES ETC.

We urge everyone to follow the guidelines of the experts.  If you have a dry cough, fever & /or tightness in your chest call your medical professional immediately.


Latest Dyslexia News

Richard Branson says Dyslexia should be recognised as a sign of potential. (read more)

Improving sentence reading performance in Chinese children with developmental dyslexia.  (read more)

Two boys with the same disability tried to get help. The rich student got it quickly. The poor student did not.
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Thank You for you support!

Adults with dyslexia most often have the skills, talent and insights that are in demand today. 

They simply want the same opportunities to fulfill their potential and realize their dreams as those without it.

Do any of your employees have dyslexia?

Is your company missing out on the skills, talents, vision and insights a person with dyslexia brings to the workplace because of insufficient understanding of the condition?




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