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A new law adopted by Indiana legislature will provide early dyslexia screening for all students kindergarten through second-grade with dyslexia.
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Stories from the COVID-19 Front

Everyone is impacted by the COVID -19 pandemic.

We'd like to hear how you are dealing with the crisis. Your stories about how your family/loved ones/friends are coping can help others during this crisis.

Please, send you stories to and we will publish them HERE .

We will not use your full name unless you wish it.


Please consider a Sponsorship:

 Your tax deductible gift can change lives by helping adults with

dyslexia & related learning challenges unlock their potential and achieve their dreams!


Benefits of Sponsorship in addition to tax deduction:

• Recognition in printed materials including a Sponsor Recognition Poster at our annual fund raiser.

• Recognition in our upcoming Newsletter, 2019 annual report, Social media & web page, and Acknowledgement in press releases

• Recognition that you will reap the benefits of the skills and talent that people with dyslexia possess and are leveling the playing field for all people with dyslexia

•Recognition that you helped youth transitioning to adulthood, college and work.

•Sure knowledge that you are helping people with dyslexia unlock their potential and be contributing members of society.

•Additional benefits for Employers:
  Meeting the guidelines of a “job driven” society, the Workplace Innovation and Opportunity Act and the 503  Act.

Sponsorship Levels:


Resource Materials
$2500-$5,000  will help offset cost related to the development of resource materials for conferences, seminars and training sessions.


Individual employment assistance

$5,000- $10,000 will help provide employment assistance to a client when she/he obtains a job and requires help determining the best tools or aids she/he requires to overcome challenges presented.


Job Coaches:

$10,000-$25,000 will pay for 2-5 job coaches to work with employees during the six week orientation and transition period of a new job.


Seminar and Conference sponsor


Will help offset costs for seminars, conferences and training programs to raise awareness in the community thus empowering people with dyslexia to achieve their goals.


Direct Client Services:
$25,000-$50,000. Will help offset the costs of providing direct services including career counseling, landing job interviews, perfecting resumes, practice interview skills, when to disclose and how, and best tools to overcome weaknesses to help clients realize their potential and obtain jobs.


Facility sponsor:
$100,000 or more

Will help to offset costs to rent and/or purchase a headquarters office in two major cities where clients can get on-site assistance .You have the option of choosing which city and naming the offices.


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