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Dyslexia Revealed: In Their Own Wordsrussell Hear right from the people who understand dyslexia best: a teacher, a neuropsychologist, a former public school superintendent of schools who now is the head of a school focused on reading-based learning challenges, a director of learning services, and two very articulate and professional adults who show you the face of dyslexia, and offer advice on how a small shift could help countless students.


TEDInside the Dyslexic Brain. An NCLD crowd favorite, this video produced by the infamous TED Talk team opens with a quick exercise that shows—rather than tells—what dyslexia is like for those who have it. With its easy-to-understand explanations and calm narration, it’s a great choice to share with family and friends who aren’t quite sure what dyslexia is.


TEDWhat’s It Like Being Dyslexic? With a comic book format and lively narration, this video is a good option for parents who have to explain dyslexia to a child. The engaging story introduces Tom, an elementary school student having trouble in school; his teacher, who thinks Tom is just lazy; and his well-meaning mother, who struggles with deciding whether to have Tom tested or not.


Dyslexia for a day Dyslexia for a Day As the parents and teachers of children with dyslexia in this video participate in a workshop to become “dyslexic for a day,” their early frustrations turn into an understanding of what day-to-day academic life is like for students. It’s an eye-opener.


Discalculia Dyscalculia: Numberphile While dyscalculia is not the same thing as dyslexia, it can, like dyslexia, result in language processing difficulties. Professor Butterworth breaks down the mystery behind dyscalculia and math LD.


Sarah Hadley hadley, a 22-year-old University of Texas at Dallas student, created this video from a combination of videos concerning dyslexia she found on Youtube.


Dynaread. Visit the website of a company that offers help to children with dyslexia and their parents. dynaread



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