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A new law adopted by Indiana legislature will provide early dyslexia screening for all students kindergarten through second-grade with dyslexia.
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January 2018

Here are tips for reading for adults and teachers working with older adults that have dyslexia.

This is a short video how a certain font can making reading easier for dyslexics to read and a way to download it!

Have problems concentrating when trying to get work done? This video explains ways you can concentrate.

 A detailed article with coping strategies for people with dyslexia from a dyslexic!

Learning a second language is hard enough, but for those with dyslexia it can be even harder. Below are study tips. Whether you are a student or need to learn a second language for your job, these tips are a great help.

Having problems studying or even getting paperwork down? Below are six steps to get past the stump!
Advise on how dyslexics think from someone who is dyslexic themselves while also telling their story of dyslexia.
Here is another man's journey to overcoming his dyslexia.

Thinking of a career change or not sure what career you want? Below are a list of jobs that are great for dyslexics.
Having a hard time finding a job? Below are great networking tips. Also, if you're a college graduate talk to the career center there. They have great resources to help you!

So, you got the interview, but are afraid your dyslexia might get in the way of getting the job. Below is article with advise on how to ace the interview without letting our condition get in the way.
  Continuing with the theme of the week, dyslexia in the workplace, below is an article on why and how to disclose your condition to your boss and/or co-workers.

Here are more resources to help you in the workplace.

If you were struggling last semester because of your dyslexia talk to your school. Many universities and colleges have student disability center that can help you. Don't be afraid to ask for help!

Dyslexia on the job can be hard, so here is article below to help you.

Here are more resources for adults with dyslexia!

Do you or someone you know suspect they have dyslexia? Below are detailed characteristics to look for? If you think you or someone you know fits these characteristics seek out diagnoses, the sooner the better!

Being dyslexic can be hard, especially when it comes to employment. This article has solutions to finding a job because while dyslexia is an advantage when it comes to creativity, it has its challenges.

Having a hard time at work because of your dyslexia? Here is advice you can give to your employer to better help you. And remember your employer, by law, must provide accommodations for your condition!
This video is about a young woman's journey to her diagnoses. Diagnoses is the first step and the earlier the better, but remember it is not the end of the world once you are diagnosed.


This is an article about how adults with dyslexia experience problems in the workplace and at home even if they are not diagnosed.

Here some myths about dyslexia and treatment and even tips!

Private tutoring can be expensive especially for dyslexics, so this article is how to find inexpensive tutoring.

Is your child diagnosed with dyslexia, but isn't getting enough help at school? This link explains how to go about finding a private tutor and how much it will cost.


 Do you know what dyscalculia is? Or you might now it by its more popular name math dyslexia. Although this inaccurate. The article below has a helpful chart about the difference and what you can do to help with each condition.

Here is another resource for parents. Dyslexia is a neurological disorder which means it could be connected to genetics.


Part of seeing past the stigma of dyslexia is being conscious of what you say to someone with dyslexia. The video below is about what not to say to someone with dyslexia. Please watch the 5 minute video below to help stamp out the stigma!



Jobs For Dyslexics
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