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December 6, 2017

JFD's Executive Director, Laura Cianci, attended the Kennedy Forum: "The Myths and Realities of Mental Health and Substance Use Disorders Among Veterans."

Ms. Cianci and Patrick Kennedy talked about the need for recognition of the mental health issues people with dyslexia face as a result of the stigma attached to the disorder.

Help for service members and their families.
Free online training for civilians who engage the military community.



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August 31, 2017

Jobs For Dyslexics shared ideas, plans and programs with employers and business partners committed to Building Tomorrow's Workforce and Creating Opportunities for Chicago's Youth with Disabilities

It was the opening event of a series geared to helping youth transition from school to work and/or college. It includes educational sessions on careers, job shadowing and summer employment opportunties.

Sponsored by the Mayors's Office For People with Disabilities and Chicago Public Schools-Office of Diverse Learner Supports and Services

May 5, 2017

"Jobs for Dyslexics annual fund raising dinner in May, "Increase Opportunities for Brighter Futures", was a resounding success, bringing in many dollars to continue our important work!
Emcee and Auctioneer, Bonnie Kathleen Ryan, provided a special boost to the proceedings and the speakers, Dr. Elizabeth Norton, and Benjamin Bodnar were informative and interesting.

Click here to see Dr. Norton's speech.

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May 5, 2017

"Jobs for Dyslexics annual fund raising dinner in May, "Increase Opportunities for Brighter Futures", was a resounding success, bringing in many dollars to continue our important work!
Emcee and Auctioneer, Bonnie Kathleen Ryan, provided a special boost to the proceedings and the speakers, Dr. Elizabeth Norton, and Benjamin Bodnar were informative and interesting.

Click here to see Dr. Norton's speech.

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The Jobs for Dyslexics Angel, donated by Illinois Supreme Court Justice Anne M. Burke, which she purchased the year before, was purchased by Jim Patten owner of Thatcher Oaks Awnings. Following the example of Justice Burke, Mr. Patten re-donated the Angel to Jobs For Dyslexics. Seems everyone wants Jobs For Dyslexics to keep that Angel looking over it.

Who will be the lucky winner of the Angel next year?

Save the Date, March 24, 2018, to find out
For a change of pace we are moving our annual event from the Chicago Union League Club this year to Emilio's Tapas on Ohio Street, just east of the Magnificent Mile. (Discounted Parking adjacent is available.)
Thanks to all our Silent Auction donors and volunteers who helped to make this year's dinner a huge success. We are looking forward to seeing you all next year.

December 12, 2016attendeesFull

Jobs For Dyslexics Outreach Director Benjamin Bodnar Travels to India 

More than 250 people attended the Trika 2016 International Conference on Dyslexia, "Empowering Adults with Dyslexia Towards Sustainable Development." 

Jobs For Dyslexics Outreach Director Benjamin Bodnar talked about the challenges youth with dyslexia face transitioning to adulthood, college and the workplace. Mrs. Usha Ramakrishnan, former chairperson of Vidhyasagar, discussed the importance of considering the intelligence of young people when planning employment options.


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Ms. K Jayashree Ashok, director of the Centre for Holistic Integrated Learning and Development, advised attendees of the importance of empowering college studentsBenPlusfullRev with dyslexia. 

Many of the parents who approached Benjamin Bodnar after the conference were interested in the types of education children with dyslexia should receive, seemingly totally unaware of the struggles their children will face when they move into adulthood. 

 Later Mr. Bodnar met with the president of the Madras Dyslexia Association, and then traveled to Bombay to meet with the leaders of the Maharashtra Mumbai Dyslexia Association.


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December 6, 2016

Jobs For Dyslexics' executive director and two supporters attended the Kennedy Forum's annual event - "Young Minds: Building Resilience and Well Being for the Next Generation and Leadership for Change." Over 1,000 national and global thought leaders gathered to ignite new ideas, build cross industry collaboration, and inspire actionable results.

Kennedy Forum Founder Patrick Kennedy opened the conference discussing his battle with addiction. ABC 20/20 co-anchor Elizabeth Vargas acted as MC in addition to addressing the issues in her book, "Between Breaths: A Memoir of Panic and Addiction". 

Experts in the social sciences from across the country participated in the forum.

November 19, 2016
14th Annual Youth/Young Adults with Disabilities Event, 2102 W. Ogden Ave., Chicago, IL 

"Promising Practices with Measurable Outcomes" Navigating the Road for Successful Education, Job Training & Placement Services sponsored by the Chicago's Mayor's Office For People With Disabilities (MOPD)

Darlene Reinke, Service Coordinator for Jobs For Dyslexics, introduced its services and fielded questions from youth and their parents.


July, 2016

Access Chicago 2016, at Navy Pier, Chicago Work Incentives Forum.
Sponsored by Mayor's Office For People with Disabilities

  • Test products, learn about new and existing services and connect with community organizations to learn about available disability-related social services.
  • Participate in new activities; such as cooking demos and interactive therapeutic art sessions.
  • Take part in various adaptive sports and recreational demonstrations.
  • Receive free health screenings in the health pavilion
  • Self Employment support
  • Job Search preparation
  • Connect with Employment Network Agencies
  • Services available at their local Department of Rehabilitation Services Offices
  • Services available at the local Workforce Centers

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March 31, 2016

Beyond Accommodation: Mental Health in the Workplace presented by the Chicagoland Business Leadership Network (a program of the Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce Foundation) in conjunction with The Kennedy Forum.
The event was sponsored by Northern Trust Bank which held special significance for people with dyslexia who often suffer from depression because they are denied opportunities to work at jobs they are qualified to hold and/or are denied opportunities for advancement as a result of a lack of understanding of what dyslexia is and what dyslexia is not.


February 5, 2016
Jobs For Dyslexics Inaugural Dinner, celebrating the many contributions of people with dyslexia that have made our lives better, was enjoyed by all. The festivities kicked off with cocktails and browsing of Silent Auction items, followed by dinner and then Illinois Supreme Court Justice Anne M. Burke. Justice Burke talked about what it was like growing up with dyslexia and the hurdles one has to overcome to achieve success.
Jobs For Dyslexics executive director, Laura Cianci with the assistance of Treasurer Nancy Karns-Johnson presented awards to Justice Burke and Ronald C. Smith for their outstanding contributions to Jobs For Dyslexics.
Benjamin Bodnar was presented with a plague for his continued support and daily contributions to the success of the organization.

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August-September 2015

Jobs For Dyslexics Board members Nancy Karns Johnson, Benjamin Bodnar, Scott Standifer meet with Northern Trust Bank Deborah Liverett, senior vice president Director of Community Affairs. NTB has agreed to be a sponsor for JFD's winter event in Chicago among other things.

Brian R. King, LCSWbrian

Brian King joined Jobs for Dyslexics Business Advisory Board. His first task; counsel one of JFD's clients. A Resilience Breakthrough Coach, Brian King works with Parents, Professionals and Business Teams to help them bounce back more quickly in the face of adversity.



Kathryn Kalanick, Executive Vice President Certification Testing Corporation, (CTC) joined Jobs For Dyslexics Business Advisory Board and is now working with JFD to develop training programs for businesses.



First College Training Seminar took place at Malcolm X College. Supreme Court Justice Anne Burke, Cancer Biologist Jessie Geahlen, Attorney Benjamin Bodnar and JFD Executive Director Laura Cianci worked with Tanya Cox, the director of Special Needs for Malcolm X College, to provide instructor training about what dyslexia is and what it is not.

Jessie and Benjamin made a dynamic team as they fielded questions from their individual points of view about what it is like to live and work with dyslexia and ways instructors can help students achieve success. Anne Burke, who also has dyslexia, Ben and Jessie answered questions during the panel discussion following the training.

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Jobs for Dyslexics is proud to announce that the National Center for Competency Testing recently purchased a Jobs For Dyslexic continuing education program. The course will be offered to NCCT clients who must earn a specific number of credits annually to maintain certification in their field of expertise. Jobs For Dyslexics is particularly excited this training will be offered because we want more people to understand what dyslexia is and what dyslexia is not to foster broad understanding and support for people with dyslexia in the workplace. Among the groups that have the option of taking the course for certification credit are:

Medical Assistants
Medical Office Assistants
Insurance & Coding Specialists
ECG Technicians

Phlebotomy Technicians
Patient Care Technicians
Postsecondary Instructors
Surgical Technologists


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