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A new law adopted by Indiana legislature will provide early dyslexia screening for all students kindergarten through second-grade with dyslexia.
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Mind's Eye Author and advocate Thomas G. West is working to change the way society views dyslexia. He has written extensively about the immense strengths that people with dyslexia bring to science, design, entrepreneurship and other fields that drive our future potential. Read his article here

West also appears in a film called “Dyslexia: An Unwrapped Gift” about the strengths that come from dyslexic thinking.


Watch Part 1 of the film
Watch Part 2 of the film

Yale resyaleearchers have shown when people with dyslexia try to read, the front part of the brain is over-stimulated while crucial portions in the center and back are under-stimulated.

 The Yale University Center for Dyslexia & Creativity is an excellent source of general information about dyslexia, as well as cutting-edge research into the condition.

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michigan The University of Michigan mantains a comprehensive website on dyslexia, which includes news and blogs about the latest research developments. ...Go to site

harvard1Harvard Gazette Dyslexia marked by poor reading fluency — slow and choppy reading — may be caused by disorganized, meandering tracts of nerve fibers in the brain. ...Read More

Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics harvardcfaMany highly accomplished scientists perform very well in science despite reading impairments that in some cases are severe. ...Read More


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