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We are constantly looking for ways to help people with dyslexia and parents, syblings and others associated with them.

We scour the internet to bring relevant information about dyslexia to you. Below you will find links to articles we have found and placed on various social media platforms. They are gathered here in our compendium for your convenience

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Posted: June, 2023

Online program to support children with reading difficulties

ovidOwn-Voice Intensive Phonics (OVIP) approach is a computer-assisted instruction system which has already been shown to be effective as part of face-to-face tuition as part of previous research. (... more)

Posted: June, 2023

Trainee teachers receiving feedback from AI made sharper assessments about learning difficulties.

aiA trial in which trainee teachers who were being taught to identify pupils with potential learning difficulties had their work ‘marked’ by artificial intelligence has found the approach significantly improved their reasoning.
(... more)

Posted: June, 2023

Children with dyslexia are slower to process visual information

eyebrainFirst study combining multiple new methods to understand visual processing and brain activity in dyslexia could improve understanding of which brain processes are affected by the condition, and potentially improve interventions. (... more)

Posted: June, 2023

Charting hidden territory of the human brain

hiddenNeuroscientist shave discovered a novel, non-invasive imaging-based method to investigate the visual sensory thalamus, an important structure of the human brain and point of origin of visual difficulties in diseases such as dyslexia and glaucoma. . (... more)

Posted: June, 2023

Extra spacing can boost children’s reading speed

spaceNeuroscientist shave discovered a novel, non-invasive imaging-based method to investigate the visual A new study has found that a child's reading speed can be improved by simply increasing the space between letters within a piece of text. The study discovered that text with increased space between each letter provided a benefit to both dyslexic and non-dyslexic children . (... more)

Posted: June, 2023

Our eyes and brain work together to create a ‘pipeline’ of meaning – new study

ovid Humans read by 'pre-processing' written words to create a pipeline of meaning, according to new research at the University of Birmingham. The insights gained by the research team could help support diagnosis and training programmes for people with certain types of dyslexia where the pre-processing of words is impaired. . (... more)

Posted: October, 2022

UMThe University of Michigan has a comprehensive program which deals with the many aspects of living with dyslexia.
You can begin with Dr. Michael Ryan's Ten Ways to Succeed on the Job."
While you're there, explore the other parts of this treasure trove of help for people with dyslexia.

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