Great News!

A new law adopted by Indiana legislature will provide early dyslexia screening for all students kindergarten through second-grade with dyslexia.
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Stories from the COVID-19 Front

Everyone is impacted by the COVID -19 pandemic.

We'd like to hear how you are dealing with the crisis. Your stories about how your family/loved ones/friends are coping can help others during this crisis.

Please, send you stories to and we will publish them HERE .

We will not use your full name unless you wish it.


We pride ourselves on eliminating the revolving door of the chronically un/underemployed adult dyslexics. We help you to improve your ability to secure employment that is a better match for your strengths and talents thereby ensuring long-term success, and we better position you for career advancement.

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Client Programs.


  1. Assistance obtaining accommodations at work or school.
  2. Assessment and career exploration. 
  3. Identification of Transferable skills ( Click Here for career assessments using CIS, WOWI, vocational interest assessment) 
  4. Resume writing, revising/building
  5. Cover letter writing
  6. Labor Market Exploration (communities and online)
  7. Services provided by federal/state/city/ agencies in state of residency
  8. Interview skills assessment and development (Intense mock interviews)
  9. Customized job skills development and job Shadowing
  10. Job coaching (Identify barriers and finding solutions around them).
  11. Job placement/job carving (Finding employers willing to create opportunities and job positions uniquely suited to the participants interest, strengths and capabilities.
  12. Job Retention (preparing clients for the job, ensuring he has the skills needed and techniques to master new skills on the job)
  13. Counseling. (limited)
  14. Job Support for year after hire.
  15. Support Services (technology/accommodations needed to do a job)

Jobs For Dyslexics
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