U.S. College Bribery Scandal

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Our Interns

marieMarie Elrich

I am twenty three years old. Although young, I seek to become an accomplished writer, giving glory to God every step of the way.I decided to become an intern at Jobs for Dyslexics because I want to help people with learning disabilities and learn how to be a grant writer and fundraiser.I recently graduated from California State University, Bakersfield with a B.A. in English Language and Literature and a minor in Psychology. I am married to a wonderful man named Wesley and we look forward to having children one day. In my spare time, I draw, write my novel, and ride horses.

izzyIsabelle Keefe

I graduated from Dominican University in May 0f 2017 with a degree in liberal arts and a majored in sociology. I joined JFD in December of 2017 as the social media intern. I am now the social media engagement coordinator. This just means I am the one that does the daily posts on all our social media accounts.


OlamideOlamide Alli

I joined the team as a development assistant in July of 2018. I am a passionate advocate for social justice who cares about the intersectionality of empathy and human capital. I want to build bridges in business, specifically HR, for people with dyslexia.


jamesJames Choi

I do research for the organization. I help promote the services of JFD snd help JFD bring job opportunities to people with dyslexia.



ajjieSheila Omondi

I am a grant writer intern who works with Jobs For Dyslexics to research on available grants that apply to them. I believe in making a difference, both in my professional and personal life. I have supported a variety of non-profit organizations in different lines of work. I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Actuarial Science.


Jobs For Dyslexics
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