J. C.'s story


When the whole coronavirus panic began 2 weeks ago (I forgot in March, I lost count!), I thought to myself "wow, stuck in the house... ugh ok? Maybe fun to just watch tv all day every day!" This even had an effect on me, even if I was living with my parents and had a full-time low hourly job. Top it off with going to college part-time!

At first, I was under the impression our work hours were mainly reduced and work is canceled altogether. However, as the coronavirus got worse over time, so was the craziness affecting our lives.

My college was already online, but now my teachers made everything no due date and even the school exams online. I feel even more lazeier cuz of the no due dates cuz I rather be sleeping in bed all day if I can! All my upcoming concerts and family trips, was canceled so there goes traveling down the drain.

Back to the work, aparantly as the coronavirus got worse, the business kept staying open longer and longer than we thought. My workplace is completely non-essential, and as the virus gets worse each day, so does our business staying open longer, and we even start to get more customers despite the evilliuous growing perils of the coronavirus news.

My workplace is doing very little protocal to prevent the coronavirus, workers just wore gloves and the chairs were spaced out at the lobby, that is it, no paid time off for employees to go home nor company wide annoucement it is dedicated to take care of everyone in this crisis.

I can only hope that the state can soon order a stay-at-home order to close down the business to avoid having every worker's life being risked every single work day.

I cant wait to get my $1200 check to makeup for the lost hours next month and May. With everything on life put on "pause", there is no plans for the future for fun at all till this all blows over.

We are all waiting in fear every day, watching the horrors of each day and our hope for a vaccine for sure! God knows what day it will be. It looks like I am going to spend the majority of 2020 in my house. When I have downtime, I will sit down at my computer catching up on my online homework. Whenever I am home, it is literally me sitting down and watching the telly watching my tv shows to catchup, watching amazon movies and Netflix shows.

Of course, to stay healthy run outside for a couple of hours. That is my main use of downtime of source of fun. this coronavirus is making me more lazy, now my bedtime was 3 am due to this, but then 4 now its 5 am.

Because I am home more, I love to look forward to my parents home lunch cooking that I would not be able to sit down to on the normal weekdays.

I miss going out shopping at the shops, or going out to meet people. maybe now, I need to look for a job?

It is the end of the world as we know it? "


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